Home Buying Simplified

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Finding your dream home can be fun and stress free if you know how.   Here are some great tips to help you manifest your dream home.

1.) Incorporate future goals.  Let’s say you’re a newly married couple and you’re planning on having children, but that’s a few years away.  You might not be thinking at the time you purchased your home about what grade schools are in your neighborhood, or if your neighborhood has sidewalks.   But once your baby arrives, you realize that pushing a stroller along a road isn’t ideal and that the school down the street isn’t as well regarded as the one three miles to the north.  

2.) Be specific.  Close your eyes and imagine you’re opening the door to your dream home.   Is your home modern, Victorian, a Craftsman?  Write that down.  What is the view outside from your kitchen?  Do you see trees, water, cityscape?  Write that down.  How many stories is your dream home?  Is it a rambler, a townhome, an apartment converted to a condo?  Write that down.  Do you want a low maintenance yard, or are you a green thumb and your yard has beautiful flowers and trees?  Do you even have a yard?  Write that down.  How many bathrooms do you have?  Bedrooms?  Write that down.

3.) If it’s just you doing the home search, skip to number four.  If you’re shopping with a partner, have them do the first two steps also.  Read your lists to each other and combine the items that you agree on.  Accommodating one item for another might be needed.  If both partners feel accommodated and you have a unified goal you’re half way there!

4.) Read your list out loud.  How does it feel to read and hear your your words?  If you’re smiling or excited, you'll know you’re on to something.  This feeling is what you want to hold onto as you and your agent are going from property to property in search of your dream home.

5.) Know that some items on your list might not be available.  Unless you’re a wealthy person, you might not have the luxury to check every box on your list.  This is important to remember.  If you find a home that’s 80% of what you desire, it’s a good idea to put an offer on it.  Buying a home for most people is a compromise.  What can I live without?  What must I have?  

6.) What if the first house you see checks most of your boxes?  I say follow your instincts because it can happen more often than you might imagine.  It’s ok to write an offer on the first property you see if you’ve followed the above steps.  What if you don’t know what you want because you haven’t seen what’s available?  This is also common, and again follow your instincts and ask your agent what they think.  

Shawna & I are honored and grateful to be your trusted real estate advisors, helping you to facilitate your dream home.