The Best Advice for Finding an Accessible Home

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The Best Advice for Finding an Accessible Home to Call Your Own
We all want a comfortable, supportive place to call home, and when accessibility is a priority, finding that unique spot can be challenging. Whether you’re a senior searching for a home for aging in place or just looking for accessible housing for yourself and your family, being creative is often the key to success. Here’s how to think outside the box to find the home of your dreams.
Describe Your Ideal Home
Most house hunters quickly realize there is no such thing as a “perfect” home. There is a wide variety of properties out there, though, so one of the best tools for buyers is a checklist of house hunting priorities.
Developing your list can take some thought. You know better than anyone what makes your life easier and what makes it difficult. However, sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on what specific changes might make life better. With that in mind, do some exploring in what’s out there, and give some thought towards what might make you more comfortable at home. AZCentral recommends pinpointing your top five priorities and letting those lead you in your hunt. For many people searching for accessibility, those priorities might be things like a one-story structure, an open floor plan, an accessible master suite, a large garage, and at least one zero-step entryway.
Another consideration is your lifestyle and what you enjoy. For instance, if you love to cook, an accessible kitchen might be one of your top priorities. Pull-out drawers in the cabinetry, lowered countertops, and an open under sink can keep you cooking up a storm in complete comfort, whereas a traditionally designed kitchen might be clunky and cumbersome.
Healthy Changes
Keep in mind that a home that meets your general structural needs can often be easily modified to match your other priorities. Doorways can be widened, bathrooms can be modified, and garages can be opened up. Some small changes that can really pack a wallop are things like adding grab bars in bathrooms, installing a wheelchair ramp, and exchanging regular door hinges with offset hinges for better clearance.
You should also use this opportunity to take a look at the flooring. If, for example, you’ve found the perfect layout but the home features high-pile carpeting that would restrict mobility, consider installing a hardwood flooring. Just remember to set aside money in your budget for this particular expense; on average, homeowners pay between $2,498 and $6,745 for hardwood floors, though this figure depends greatly on the materials you select (pine, for example, costs less than Cypress, Tigerwood, or Mahogany).
Especially for Seniors
Older adults are often interested in accessibility not only for their current comfort but also with aging in place in mind. If that describes your situation and you’re already experiencing some mobility concerns, or if you have a condition that will affect your independence, HowStuffWorks explains that assisted living might be an especially favorable solution. Just like there is a wide variety of houses on the market, there is a wide variety of assisted living facilities. All of them provide accessibility, social activities, and things like meals and transportation services, and all of them offer you the opportunity to maintain your personal independence.
We all dream of finding an ideal place to call home. If your dream includes accessibility, begin with a list of your priorities. Examine your current and ongoing needs, remember you can always alter a well-chosen home, and if you’re an older adult with changing needs, consider touring some assisted living facilities. Your perfect place is out there, and soon your house hunting dream will come true!